Search the Book from cover to cover and you will not find mention of a Christian school. God established the home in Genesis, the government after the flood, and the church in the Book of Acts. Yet God did not provide guidelines to set up church operated Christian schools as we know them today. So why do we have Holy Redeemer Christian Academy? Here are the reasons:

Parents have a God given responsibility to educate their children.

In Deuteronomy 6:7, God told the parents to teach the law of God. God’s law includes more than salvation and Christian living. Jesus increased in wisdom (intellect), stature (physical growth), favor with God (spiritual growth), and favor with man (social development). Thus, Christian education must include all the necessary tools to function in society. As parents then, we have a directive from God to teach our children to read, write, add, subtract, etc.

We face several problems. The state demands that we provide a certain quality of education and send our children to school a certain number of days per year. We must obey (Romans 14). Also, most parents are not qualified or willing to educate their children at home. The solution to these problems brings us to reason number 2 for Holy Redeemer Christian Academy.

Parents have a God-given responsibility to delegate some areas of teaching to qualified teachers.

We allow Sunday School teachers to aid us in the spiritual development of our children . If we expect them to do it all, we will lose our children to the devil. Yet we do allow these teachers to help us. Similarly, we allow Christian teachers to stand in our place and teach reading, writing, etc. to our children. We must be sure that those teachers are as close to our personal philosophy and convictions as possible. Thus we are led to reason number 3 for Holy Redeemer Christian Academy.

Parents may send their children to a “Christian school” and yet fail to provide a Christian education.

Call the school whatever you will it is the teacher who makes it “Christian”. Therefore, our first concern in Christian schooling should be—–does the teacher who stands in my place as a parent for thirty hours a week believe as closely as possible to my Christian philosophy and spirituality.

Some parents consider the facilities, the easy access, or tuition cost before considering the character and quality of the school’s teachers. Our first priority at Holy Redeemer Christian Academy is to provide a quality Christ-centered education along with teachers who are as close to the convictions of our church members as possible. Then, and only then, will we provide a real Christian education for children—one in which teachers truly fill parents shoes.

We are excited about Holy Redeemer Christian Academy. God has given us a solidly established local church. We believe that we have a congregation with an unusual amount of character, and a congregation which is willing to sacrifice to provide Christian education. We have people with vision. We have a history of “whole counsel” philosophy, which is a willingness to face and deal with all the issues of Christianity, though some may cause offense.


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