Newsletter December-15

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy News Letter

Volume 3, Issue December 2015

3500 W Mother Daniels Way Milwaukee, WI 53209 414-466-1800

Jesus is The Reason for The Season!

A Holy Redeemer Christian Academy Holiday Experience!

Please join us!
This event will take place in and around the elementary/ middle school corridors, the front atrium, and Symposium.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 1:00 p.m-3:00 p.m.

Symposium Presentation times:

1:00 p.m. (H.R.C.A) 1:30 p.m. (H.R.C.A) 2:00 p.m. (Y.C.W) 2:30 p.m. (Y.C.W)

Classroom Experience: 1:00 p.m.-3: 00 p.m.

Around the World Café: Location: Atrium 1:00 pm.-3:00 p.m.

from the desk of principal smith……

Greetings to the Holy Redeemer Church, Community, and School Families!

This has been a great year thus far in the areas of improving our academics. We have completed our STAR State Testing for Quarter # 1. Our test scores improved and we have made gains in grades K4-8th grade. Our 1st-3rd grade teachers have created Math and Reading Groups that center around the students test scores and skills. Our K4-K5 and 1st-3rd grade houses have met with Mrs. Summers [Assessment Coordinator] in order to help enhance and improve our various grade levels. Our goal is for each teacher to ensure that before their students move to the next grade they will know and have the basic skills needed to be successful. This academic and strategic move has been very SUCCESSFUL!

Our 4th-6th grade teachers are continually creating ways in which we are preparing our students for the “21st Century Learning” as it relates to improving their Reading, Math, Writing, and Technology skills.

Our Middle School Department is continually preparing our middle school students for higher learning in Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing. Their goal is to prepare every middle school student for “College Readiness”. No Exceptions and No Excuses! College readiness and preparation is our goal for all students.

On the [“Spiritual Level”] we are continually teaching our students about the “WORD OF GOD”. Bishop’s mission and vision clearly emphasizes that “The Word of God” is our foundation and is our purpose as God leads us. We had an “AMAZING!, “RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK!” We had a

school- wide Bible Bowl, our student read scriptures and expounded on them over the (PA system). Various students from each grade level sang spiritual songs and we concluded by having a powerful Chapel Service, school wide “Bible Scavenger Hunt”; which they had to “Follow the Cross” by locating and finding as many paper crosses throughout the building. Then, they had to read the scriptures that were located on the back of each cross.

Eagle News

K4 will be celebrating China for this year’s Christmas around the world. They will be studying the food, music, and other ways China celebrates the holidays.

K-5 Had a very successful Thanksgiving Potluck in their classroom. Thanks to all the parents who

contributed and participated. K5 recited poetry, quoted bible scriptures and sang songs for this special occasion. k5 is working very hard on letter/number recognition and reading fluently. They are doing well with our buddy reading with 4th grade. their reading skills are improving. we look

forward to continued success!

1st Grade has seven star speller’s for the month of

November help us celebrate: Monay Agnew, Chanel Chili, Danielle Evans, Savannah Peterson, Keaira sanders, Kenndi Taylor and Malaysia Harris.

2nd grade has implemented Reading and Math workshops, in addition to

our regular coursework. From this, they are making great gains.

Enter Text Here.

Eagle news cont…


6th grade are working hard to reach and maintain proficiency in Reading and Math.

5th Grade completed a social studies unit on, The Struggles of north America. students learned about the time span from the french coming to Louisiana in 1673 to the singing of the declaration of Independence in 1776. many students worked hard and showed they had a great understanding of the material on the


the following students scored 80% or higher

7th & 8th grade

School Hoodies are in…. did you order yours???
cost: $15 youth size $25 adult size


This month Sis. Curtain’s students are working on descriptive writing. Students created passages using descriptive language based on a provided image that provoked many emotions.

our thanksgiving potluck was a hug success. we like to thank all those families who helped to make it possible and those parents who helped serve, you are greatly appreciated and loved!


– (Resting in Peace)

Sis. Karen Bell was a phenomenal woman of God. She was a songbird and touched many people’s lives. There are a variety of birds such as, the Humming Bird, Canary, and the Nightingale; However, there is only one SONG BIRD whom is the most beautiful and that is Sis. Karen Bell. Sis. Karen ministered and reached so many with her anointed voice and her warm and pleasant spirit. It was clearly evident during her “Musical Tribute” and her homegoing that she influenced, impacted, and was loved by many people.

Sis. Karen was a very influential, inspirational leader, and had a great heart. Karen had a soft spoken voice, but she was all about business. I can remember three years ago, when I became the Principal, Sis. Karen helped me out incredibly. She showed me the ropes and guided me during my first year. She made my transition real stress-free!!! The Holy Redeemer Christian Academy family is going to truly miss her. I can hear her say, in a soft sweet voice- “Good morning Principal Smith”. I knew she either wanted or needed something from me, we would “laugh out loud” about it. Sis. Karen is in a better place and she will always be remembered. We want the Bell family to know that we loved her and we are praying for them.

~Principal Smith and the Holy Redeemer Christian Academy Staff

* Dec 1 Boys Bball Vs juneau jv 5:15 var 7:00pm

* Dec 3 Boys Bball Vs Salem jv 5:15 var 7:00pm & Girls Vs Carmen @ 6:30pm

* Dec 4 Field trip Mil County Zoo (4th-6th Grades)

* Girls Vs Carmen @ 10am

* Dec 15 Boys Bball Vs Milw. Colligate Academy jv 5:15 var 7:00pm

* Dec 16 Christmas Program All Day

* Dec 17 girls Bball Vs heritage christian @ 5:30 & Field trip shedd aquarium (4th-6th grades)

* Dec 18 Field trip mitchell park domes (1st-3rd Grades) & ktd vs. hrca bball game

* Dec 21 Winter Recess begins * January 4 classes resume!


Newsletter November

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 2015

Let’s Go Eagles!


In support of Breast Cancer, K through 8th grade wore our pink! 8th grade hand made and sold ribbons, and 6th grade sold hearts in honor of and in memory of those who struggled with breast cancer. We all came together in the gym to assemble and walk around the neighborhood. At the end of the walk we released a balloon in honor of those who loss the fight to breast cancer. It was beautiful…..!!!

From: The Desk Of The Principal

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I first want to say greetings. Thus far this year has been a phenomenal and excellent school year!

Grades closed Friday, October 30th and Monday, November 2nd began the new marking period. Report cards will go home on Friday, November 6th.

As we continue out the school year, I want to thank or Bishop Daniels, our parents, our students, and our staff for making this year great!

I would also like to congratulate all those students who have made the honor roll this marking period. Keep up the good work!

Principal Smith

* Report Cards go home: Nov. 9th
* PSCA Meeting- PTA: Nov. 11th
* “Religious Emphasis Week”: Nov, 16-20th * Thanksgiving Recess: Nov. 23-27th
* Class Resumes: Nov. 30th



K4 is working on rote counting and identifying numbers!


Aniyah Thoaton- Perfect Attendance, great attitude, striving to always do her best!
Tyron Baker- Most calm, hard working, inquisitive student. Dy’Nijah Branch- Highest Academic Achievement! Jerimayah Thomas- Most caring, considerate and hardworking student.


1st Grade

1st grade participated in developing community projects made out of shoe boxes. They did an awesome job. Labria Nation, Jakar Jones, Keiara Sanders, Ca’leaha Fortune, and Tajarie Humphrey keep up the good work. Also grade 1 uses a daily behavior chart and the following students have remained on green the entire month of October: Kenndi Taylor, Keari Sanders, Dantavion Rowsey, Monay Agnew and Derrion Bearden- Good Job….!

2nd Grade

In 2nd grade Desharra has been diligently working on improving her citizenship ability. She continues to make great gains with her academic achievements. I am very proud of her effort, dedication, and commitment improving as a H.R.C.A. Scholar. Keep up the Great work Dasharra!

3rd Grade

I would like to thank 3rd grade for scoring high on their assessments test! Bro. Bonds!

4th Grade

Fourth grade had a great month. We are now Buddy Reading with K5. Our trip to Apple Holler was successful. We are looking forward to improving our writing skills with our Writers Workshops! I would also like to recognize my October babies, Happy Birthday to: Xyiairiah-10/11, Adrian- 10/26, Keon- 10/26, Kshawana 10/31 and myself 10/28……. Sis. Alston

5th Grade

Congratulations to Joseph Rolle and Kasina Collier! Both students stay focused during class and become stellar role models outside of the classroom, as a result they are currently 4.0 students….!!!

8th Grade

I would like to recognize those students who demonstrate great student behavior. These students are always on task, and carry themselves

as a role model for our younger grades: Daniel Hall IV, Antionette Frazier, Aireana Griffin, Na’Pieria Murphy, Shaylia Cross, Rayvon Sanders, Latyra Flemings, Almani Jackson, Alyssa Wilson and Lakeya Yarbrough-Townsend.

6th Grade

I am pleased to report that Dejah Covington and Jarvis Foster has maintained an “A” average this far this school year. They are leaders in and outside of the classroom.

Here are a few Impressive Facts that you would be highly impressed with thus far here at HOLY REDEEMER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY:

  • 90% of our students are in complete school uniform colors
  • Our new STARS Map Testing our on the rise! (Thanks Mrs. Summers/Staff)
  • Our 4th-8th grade cheerleading teams are awesome! (Thanks! Ms. McClain)
  • Our Middle School Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball team are soaring and scoring high! (Thanks! Ms. Davis and Bro. Edwards, and all the coaches!!)
  • We have a 90% attendance rate (Thanks!! Parents!!!)
  • Our “GRANDPARENTS DAY” WAS STELLAR! (Thanks! Sis. Dominique, Sis. Paula, and Staff)
  • Our K4-8th Chapel Services which are every WEDENEDSAY from 2:30-3:15 are amazing!!
  • Our TEACHERS are teaching our students at high levels and classroom academic learning has been off the charts! (Thank God!!!)
  • Our teachers and staff are Dynamic, Dedicated, and Determined to get our students COLLEGE READY at all levels. (Thanks! Teachers and Staff)
  • Holy Redeemer Christian Academy K4-8th grade is moving toward GREATER HEIGHTS!

* (Thanks! Sis. Judy for making our school- look like and feel like a school!!!)
• (Thanks! Bishop, Sis. Stewart, my Clerical Administration Team, and everyone who works at HRCA) Go EAGLE NATION!!!

Newsletter October

october-2015Holy Redeemer Christian Academy 2015-2016 Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 1 October 2015

Eagle’s Nation

Middle School Girl’s Basketball season has begun. Games are on every Saturday.

Eagle’s Nation
4th thur 6th grades Scoccer season has

begun. Games are held at Vincent HS on every Saturday in October except the 24th.

We’re Soaring High, Scoring High,
and Spiritually Aiming High to Greater Heights!

First of all, I would like to welcome you back for another dynamic c school year! Last year was a stellar year! I am excited and ready

to accomplish a lot of great things. Last year, six to three percent of our 4th and 8th graders were either proficient or advanced in Science and Social Studies. Our elementary and middle schools won 5
first place trophies in the National CSTEM Challenge!

Our MAP test scores increased. Our athletic programs won first place in scoccer and basketball (middle school girls and boys). Our

Varsity Boys Basketball ended the season with the 2014-2015 WIAA Division 5 State Basketball Championship!”

Our theme during my first year of principalship was “We’re “Raising the
Bar!” During my second year God instructed me to “Take it to the Next Level, and Excellence is our only Option!” I know, many of you know that there
is nothing too hard for God. Over the summer God had given me a prophetic theme for this 2015-2016 school year and it is: “We’re soaring high, scoring high, and spiritually aiming high-to Greater Heights!”

This year my focus is academics, academics, and academics! This school year we are going to prepare our students in creative ways that encompass the spirit
of Excellence and Greatness! We believe and hold fast to the vision and mission

of our leader Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.

This year we are going to do great things spiritually, academically, and athletically again. God is positioning our teachers, our staff and school
for greatness! So get ready to Soar high, Score high, and spiritually aim High, as we go to GREATER HEIGHTS!”

Principal Smith, M. Ed (HRCA K4-8th)

Oct. 6th thru the 8th

Wednesday, Oct. 7th 3:45pm till 7:15pm &
Thursday, Oct. 8th 3:45pm till 7:15pm C-Stem will be selling Nachos on both nights

Tuesday, Oct. 13th SAY CHEESE !

Grades Close Friday, Oct. 30th

Friday, Oct. 30th From 10am to 12noon

Friday, Oct. 9th

Field Trips:

* K4 & K5 Swan’s Pumpkin Farm Friday Oct. 2nd.
* 7th & 8th Grades Skateland Friday Oct. 2nd
* K4- 3rd Grades Survive Alive House 9am Thursday Oct. 8th
* 4th-6th Grades Fire Safety Awareness 10am Thursday Oct. 8th * 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades Apple Hollar Friday Oct 16th
* 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades Apple Holler Tuesday Oct 20th

Newsletter May-15

may2015In God We Trust

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy News Letter

Volume 9, Issue May 2015 3500 W Mother Daniels Way Milwaukee, WI 53209 414-466-1800

Soaring Like Eagles towards the End of The Year

From the Desk of Principal Smith…

Mark your calendars the 8th grade Commencement will be held on Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:00pm in the

Holy Redeemer Sanctuary.

Lets give a hip hip hooray to those students who will graduate with honors: Chyla Broxton, Sole’ Johnson, Ayana Walker-Cross, Laterrah Tarleton, and

Demetrius Selman.

Monthly Scripture:

The Champs in Tech Too!

Not only are we champs in basketball, but we are also champs in tech as well. This year the students from HRCA and Young Coggs started and competed in the National CStem Competition, held on April 10th and the 11th at the COBO Center in Detroit. We brought home first place trophies in several categories.

Some of the challenges the students competed in were the Robotics, Mural, Mobile Technology, Sculpture, and Quiz Bowl. With the help of STEM lead teachers in elementary and middle school: Sis. Lisa, Sis, Judy, Sis. Stewart, Sis. Davis, Bro. Nick from Young Coggs, and several students from MSOE, we were able to compete and bring home 6 first place trophies.

HRCA is Soaring High on WKCE testing. We are currently at 67% advance or proficient.

Classroom News

Lets give a special congratulations to the students from grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades for winning the Science Fair held on May 1st, 2015.

Please join us on May 12th as the 4th though 8th grade display a wide range of self-made art in our 1st Annual Art Expo… The art will be displayed in the library and along the library hallway.

5th grade has recently finished a new era of testing. The Badger Assessment, which was a challenge for students all across the country as the expectations were dramatically increased at all levels, is finally complete. The students have been preparing for this test in the classroom and we are anxiously awaiting the results.

Senora Quiones and Senor Mario from Young Coggs Williams High School gave an awesome presentation to Sis. Alston’s 4th grade and Sis. Dominique’s 6th grade students on the real meaning of Cinco de Mayo. The students learned that it should not be confused with the Mexican Independence Day, but it is the day to celebrate the courage of the Mexican people during the battle (La Batalla de Puebla) on May 5, 1862. The students were very intrigued by what they learned!

Winners in 1st grade

1st Place Thomas Giles 2nd Place Camyriaha Fortre 3rd Place Ethan Payne

Winners in 2nd grade

1st Place Paul McNeil III 2nd Place Elizabeth Turner 3rd Place Kemya Trotter

Winners in 3rd grade

1st Place Lyric Walker 2nd Place Sallie Robinson 3rd Place Javontai French

* Smarter Balance Testing has begun April 13th thur May 31st.
* 4th, 5th, and 6th, grade trip to Niagara Falls is on May 21st thur the 24th. * 7th and 8th grade End of the year trip is May 14th thur 17th.
* Graduation fees for 8th grade is due by May 8th.
* Don’t forget to order your yearbook Today! $25
* No School on May 25th “Happy Memorial Day”
* Banquet of Champions May 28th 5pm to 8pm.
* Character Camp 6th Grade May 18th/ 4th & 5th Grade May 19th
* Zoo Fieldtrip K4- 3rd Grade May 13th.
* 7/8 split Dave & Busters May 15th.
* Bay Beach 1st -3rd Grade May 29th.
*June 1st – 4th is Field Day for grades 4th thur 6th grades.
* Last Day of School Friday June 5th. Marcus Theater 1st- 3rd June 2nd

Happy Birthday to all the May babies!

Sis. Stokes May 8th Principal Smith 15th

Join us for K5 Completion on Friday, June 5th @ 10am!

Open Enrollment: We are now enrolling students (returning and new) for the 2015-2016 school year. Returning students will need to bring in proof of address. New enrollments must bring in proof of address and income, which includes a We energies bill and 2014 1040 tax return.


It has been a very exciting year for the Eagles Athletic Teams. It started in the fall with the HRCA Soccer Teams.  The games were a lot of fun and parents and staff came out to support the games. The Boys High School Flag Football Team finished in second place with a 6-2 record.  Just approved by the WIAA the High School Football Team will co-op with SCTE (Custer) in Varsity Tackle Football for the first time in school history. This will give our student athletes more opportunities to have a full athletic experience and gain more school spirit. ~  The Middle School Girls Basketball Team had a fantastic season. The Lady Eagles finished undefeated and won the championship. The Middle School Boys Basketball Teams are still in progress and are playing really well. The 7th Grade team will be tipping off its playoff run soon and the 8th Grade Team is undefeated and will make its run to another championship.  We also offered High School Girls Basketball this year and The Lady Eagles finished 6-2 and were very competitive against bigger public schools.

The Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team has just wrapped up a very successful season and finished with a 13-5 record. The Varsity Boys Basketball Team is headed into the WIAA State Playoffs with a 17-5 overall record and a #1 seed for the first time in school history. The team finished 9-1 in conference and played a very tough schedule. The Eagles have won its last 15-17 games with a 10 game win streak. The Eagles open at home in the playoffs Friday March 6 at 7:00 pm. ~The Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders have done a Great Job this year. They have brought school spirit and energy to the crowd and help guide the Eagles to victory. This year the athletic department has made improvements to the gym and added a mural on the gym wall that Reads HOME OF THE EAGLES and TEAM together-everyone-achieves-more. This has enhanced the gym and has served as a backdrop for team pictures. These improvements has giving the athletic teams more identity and ownership of the gym. This has also created an EAGLENATION Fan Club that has been taking off and creating a lot of team spirit. The athletic programs have also improved on its equipment and uniforms for its teams this year. Submitted Mr. Tim Richert