The worldwide chaotic conditions and the blatant defiance of the reality of God are irrefutable testimonies of the urgent need for a new dedication to the principles upon which we as true believers of Christ stand. Parents receive the God-given authority and responsibility for the education of the child. The Christian school is an outreach or extension of the home, therefore, it is vital that the philosophy of the home and school be one, if real education is to take place. The scripture commands us to “train up a child in the way he should go,” and then promises, “when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Vision Statement

At Holy Redeemer Christian Academy, we believe that God has uniquely created each of his children and endowed them with gifts to be used to bring Him honor and glory. We consider it our responsibility to unfold this uniqueness and these gifts in each child and to motivate each child to do his utmost to achieve and exemplify excellence in every aspect of his life. Thus, all learning will be rooted in the understanding of faith in God and the power of His word.

Mission Statement

The mission of Holy Redeemer Christian Academy is to provide the educational foundation that will enhance our children’s future academic success and encourage productive citizenship through cooperative efforts of our Christian community, families, and staff.

School Purpose

Holy Redeemer Educational Complex is an integral part of the ministry of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ. The purpose of the Educational Complex is to provide Christian education in partnership with parents so that:

  1. Children may be provided with a comprehensive program of education so they may understand and appreciate that their talents are gifts from a loving God and develop their talents and skills for responsible Christian living and service.
  2. Children may be nurtured in the Word and Will of God.
  3. Children may in faith learn to know and accept the love of Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with Him and service to Him.
  4. Children, by God’s grace, may experience a full Christian life on earth and be assured of eternal life.
  5. Children may learn to recognize themselves as persons of worth who are loved by God and made in His image.

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