Dress Code

It is mandatory that students wear the school uniform. At the time of enrollment all information regarding the purchase of uniforms will be provided. Continued violation of this requirement will result in student’s suspension.

Hygiene & Personal Grooming

Hygiene & Grooming: Children must bathe or shower before coming to school. Deodorant for all children is encouraged. If hygiene or grooming problems are detected, students will be addressed privately and if necessary, sent home to correct the issue. They will be expected to take proper measures to prevent a future problem.

Uniforms: Though worn daily, uniforms are expected to be clean and pressed. Dirty and/or wrinkled pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, or socks are unacceptable and are a violation of the dress code. Children must begin each school day with clean uniforms (No Exceptions.) Students will be asked to return home immediately to correct any discrepancy. Any garment worn under the uniform shirt must be white without writing.

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